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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Eutelsat 36A ku-Band for Africa
Eutelsat, one of the world's largest satellite providers has deployed a brand new satellite to cover Africa for purposes of carrying television signals.

The company which carries roughly half of all television channels broadcast on the African continent, runs a fleet of 40 communication satellites around the world with 10 dedicated to Africa.

These satellites primarily provide two services: TV broadcasting, and Data transmission.

What is unique about this particular new satellite is that its capacity will be taken up entirely by Multichoice, the pan African content giant.

This is expected to see the company largely expand the number of channels it offers on its flagship DStv service while at the same time converting many of the standard definition channels into High Definition (HD) channels.

According to Rodney Benn, regional director for Eutelsat Communications, the satellite which was launched almost two months ago has been undergoing testing before it is handed over to Multichoice.

Eutelsat satellites for Africa in an orbital location of 36 degrees East where they service both Sub-Saharan Africa and Russia.

"Roughly 1000 channels are broadcast on our satellites in Africa," Benn said.

He spoke when he visited Nairobi to award winners of the DStv Eutelsat essay writing and poster design competition.

Entries from Zimbabwe and Ghana scooped top the top prizes.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


A Director who is part of the senior management team at Safaricom, has been fired over inappropriate exertion of his authority over a junior female employee.

Staff are still unsure what is happening because the said Director, is still operating from his office and signing official letters.

Yet word is rife, and staff in meetings have been told, that the Executive Committee member has been asked to leave after an altercation with the female employee with whom he was said to have been having relations with, was brought to light.

Unconfirmed reports also indicate, the said female employee, who is based in Thika, is expecting a child from the relationship.

The saga has fuelled intense speculation and gossip at Safaricom.

The listed telco has in the recent past taken a stern line against harassment in the work place, sexual or otherwise, although staff in the junior ranks, still complain of overbearing and sometimes abusive bosses.

A good number of the employees listed in the company's annual Sustainability Report as having been sacked go home because of harassment complaints in addition to the ones booted for corruption and fraud.

Insiders indicate that one lady has been identified to replace the sacked director and she should be jetting in on Monday.

Below is the link to the Safaricom senior management webpage..

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


National Hospital Insurance Fund CEO Simeon ole Kirgotty has been shown the door after his three-year contract lapsed.

Kirgotty was said to have been fighting for a renewal of his contract but that was not forthcoming.

He has recently been in the media talking about enhanced payments by the Fund for different conditions that patients go to hospital with.

The Finance Director Geoffrey Gitau Mwangi will act until a CEO is appointed.

This is even as some within the Fund call for a lifestyle audit of the FD.

Kirgotty's last day of service was said to be Friday last week.