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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The Star is reporting that Confidential emails between the CJ Willy Mutunga and Justice Njoki Ndung'u have emerged showing supremacy wars at the apex court.
The crisis threatens to tear apart the Supreme Court as the country heads to the 2017 polls.
The emails exchange started a few minutes on Friday after a bench of five-judges of the Court of Appeal ruled that Deputy CJ Kalpana Rawal and Justice Philip Tunoi should retire at 70.
The two, however, rushed to the Supreme Court and Judge Njoki Ndung'u granted them orders suspending the Court of Appeal decision.
The Judge, sitting as a single judge, stopped the Judiciary Registrar from recruiting a DCJ until the matter is heard on June 24. CJ is expected to retire on June 16.
The two judges exchanged bitter emails using their personal email addresses with the CJ admonishing Judge Ndung'u for acting unilaterally in a very important matter.
Here is the chronology of events:
On May 27, 2016, at 2:26 PM, Willy Mutunga wrote:
The CA (Court of Appeal) has decided.
I am told there are applications and appeals already filed.
I have instructed Hon Lucy Njora (Supreme Court Deputy Registrar) to place the applications before me for directions.
I will deal with the applications as a single judge.
Dr. Willy Mutunga, D.Jur,SC,EGH
Chief Justice/President, Supreme Court of Kenya
"The poor need Justice; others need the Law." Professor Dani Nabudere
"The rich don't need the law, they've got wealth and power. It's the poor who need the law." Albie Sachs.
"The Supreme Court of Kenya neither has friends nor enemies among Kenyans. All the Court cares for is Justice for and to all Kenyans."
Judge Njoki's reply
On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 3:32 PM, Njoki Ndungu wrote:
I saw your email very late. It would have been better if you had called on phone directly if you had directions for me. I assure you I have followed the provisions of our rules and Act strictly.
As duty Judge for today I already heard 2 certificate of urgency applications by Justices Rawal and Tunoi. I have already disposed of them, given interim orders and given dates for interparties hearing. I think that is in order.
Mutunga reply
On May 27, 2016, at 3:46 PM, Willy Mutunga wrote:
I counseled against copying the applicants in any mail coming from us!
I thought, given the history of this matter, you would have considered that those of us who are around could be involved in some brief conferencing. Even as a duty judge, isn't there a standing guideline that after the files are given to judges is either the CJ or the DCJ who does the allocation?
I am surprised you suggest I should have called you? Did you think of calling me?!
From: Njoki Ndungu
Date: May 28, 2016 at 8:42:37 AM EAT
To: Willy Mutunga
Cc: Mohammed Ibrahim , jbojwang , swanjala
Subject: Re: The Decision of the CA
With utmost respect CJ, I do not understand your angry tone - which I find inappropriate - to me in this email, for the following reasons:
1. I did not know you were in the country to begin with as your earlier email communication to us indicated you would be out of the country from the 22nd may. (How would I know to call you when you are out of the country? You never pick my calls anyway.)
2. You did not copy any email to ME asking not to copy our colleagues.
3. The first email from you to me arrived in my inbox at 2.31 pm when I had already started listening to the matters, and I was not online at that time. I only saw your email AFTER I had disposed of the applications.
4. Justice Ojwang who was the only other Judge not affected by the matter who was in chambers at the time and we consulted and agreed I should proceed hear the matters.
5. The matters were exparte and took a short time. I communicated to you immediately I saw your email and got your message from The DR.
5. I am not aware that there is anything wrong or untoward with the manner I handled the matters.
6. Did you have a specific outcome in mind? It appears to me, that once again you are having issues with the decisional independence of Judges in your court, particularly myself. This is a subject that has been discussed before. How do you suggest we handle this?
The exchanges emerge after CJ Mutunga on Monday morning directed that the hearing on the retirement age of DCJ Rawal and Justice Philip Tunoi be heard on Thursday, June 2.
Justice Njoki Ndung'u, while suspending the Court of Appeal decision on Friday, initially directed the case to be heard on June 24.
Rawal has dismissed Mutunga's move terming it as "outrightly illegal unlawful directions".

Thursday, April 21, 2016


KCB has appointed its HR Director Paul Russo as the new boss of Chase Bank. The nation's largest bank was picked by Central Bank Of Kenya to take over the distressed SME lender raising eyebrows.

This is because Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, the appointed receiver of Chase, is chaired by KCB chief executive Joshua Oigara.

Russo was recruited from South African lender Absa about two years ago.

The Strathmore MBA holder has also worked with PWC, an auditing firm.

The deployment of Russo comes ahead of Chase reopening its doors to the public next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The nation's largest lender by assets, KCB Group, has reportedly lost its bid to purchase distressed Chase Bank.

KCB is said to have come in third from four bids the Central Bank of Kenya received for purchase of the SME lender.

Chase Bank went down after misreported insider loans caused depositors to make a run on it.

Qatari lender, QNB, the second largest bank in Africa and the Middle East, is said to be the front runner to take over Chase Bank

If it is successful, it will take over an entity with an enviable portfolio of small businesses that other banks have been angling for to drive their growth.

Rand Merchant Bank of South Africa was reportedly second in the bid with KCB coming in third.

CBK has yet to formally make any official announcement regarding the matter but insiders indicate QNB may get the nod.

Chase shareholders have been pushing for CBK to bring in someone to run the bank rather than go the Good Bank - Bad Bank way which they feel would destroy the lender.

Also being mentioned is French lender BNP Paribas but this is seen as a long shot with few European lenders seeking to expand on the continent.

Nedbank SA has equally been mentioned as a possible candidate.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Chase Bank chairman Zafrullah Khan and Group Managing Director, Duncan Kabui have resigned with immediate effect.

Paul Njaga takes over as Group MD and Chief Executive Officer while Muthoni Kuria, a member of the board, takes over as acting Chair.

No reason has been given for the sudden resignations although sources indicate they came at the insistence of the Central Bank of Kenya.

Governor Patrick Njoroge who has CEOs of Kenyan banks literally shaking in their boots would not be drawn into discussion over Chase Bank during a media briefing earlier today.

Questions have been raised regarding Chase Bank's momentous swing from a healthy profitable position at the end of the nine months to September 30, 2015 only to plunge into loss territory at the end of December 31, 2015.

The bank reported a loss of Sh790million.

Chse is a tier III bank popular with SMEs and especially contractors and suppliers who favour it for funding their LPOs.

Last week it announced a Sh5billion credit facility from the African Development Bank for onward lending to SMEs.

Last year it came to the market with a corporate bond which was oversubscribed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


As Leicester City roll towards an improbable premier league triumph at the King Power Stadium, DSTV has bucked the trend set by other global sports channels like Sky and BT Sports to keep subscription prices unchanged. 

Sky Sports, BT Sports, Virgin Media among others have raised their subscription rates to cover for the new record TV deal with the English Premier League.

The company has announced it will not be raising its prices instead choosing to absorb the increase.

Sky Sports for instance, raised its prices to reflect the higher cost of televising 116 games between 2016 and 2019.

BT Sports also raised prices for the 42 games it will show.

Supersport, the DSTV sports offering, shows all 308 EPL games, by far the most of any outlet globally. 

"We’ve decided to absorb some of the pain and NOT impose a price increase on any of our DStv bouquets in April as we usually do. Barring any further external economic shocks, we do not anticipate a price increase in 2016," Walingo Chiruyi, the Multichoice Kenya general manager said.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DStv to televise the Barclays Kenya Golf Open 2016

DStv will air the Kenya Golf Open, the premier golf event in the country, on its Superport channels giving the tournament a much needed boost in stature as it is beamed across the region.

The Barclays Kenya Open will be held at the Karen Golf Club this week, kicking off on Thursday, 17 March 2016.

It will end on Sunday, 20th.

Local hopes for a first win at the tournament will be carried by Dismas Indiza who finished 28th last year on the same course as well as Greg Snow and the out of form Jacob Okello.

Okello is famous for narrowly losing out the 1998 Kenya Open in a playoff at the Muthaiga Golf Course.

Multichoice which has replicated its Randburg Supersport studios at Jamhuri Park will spend about Sh3m to produce and transmit the tournament and will also spend another Sh4.5m to help offset the organizers cost of putting together the tournament.

The company will also fly in Supersport golf commentator Richard Maspero to be part of the production team.

Multichoice has also invested in several outdoor broadcasting trucks which will likely be on site to capture the action.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Phonebook App, Truecaller, will now display the names and photos of people who call you even if they are not on your phonebook.

Known as Smart History, once an unknown number calls you, Truecaller will then replace it with a name and a picture of the phone owner.

The San Francisco-based company says keeping a list of contacts on your phone will no longer be necessary as it will serve as your phonebook.

All unknown numbers in your call history will be replaced with a name and a picture.

The feature begins rolling out tonight on Android phones, and will be available to other platforms over the coming weeks.

Truecaller works by using crowd sourced data. The millions of users that have downloaded accept in their terms of use to give the App access to their contacts.

Truecaller uploads these contacts along with the names and then uses its algorithms to sort and match them against data it has uploaded from other users. After making sure it has no duplicates, it then makes this info available to other users.

So even if you do not download the App, your name and contact could end up on its database having been uploaded from a person who has saved your contact on their phone and subsequently subscribed to Truecaller.