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Monday, March 1, 2010


Samsung is bursting at the seams to talk about Samsung IT. You see, in this region they have existed as a consumer electronics and mobile handsets vendors. But, to hear them speak, they are actually a big IT company involved in making of PCS, laptops and now printers which they are seeking to market in Kenya.

They have this laptop which even has fingerprint recognition as the password before it starts up.

Apparently they've given one to Michael Joseph of Safaricom to try it out no doubt hoping he likes what he sees and orders a few for his people or for his retail stores.

For its printers, I was skeptical. Epson and HP are all I've known and experienced in the field of printing.

But no, the Samsung guys said, actually most HP printers carry Samsung engines inside. Samsung and Canon ostensibly, make 80 per cent of the engines that run on printers worldwide and also most of the components that you see on comps such as laptop screens come from Samsung.

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