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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


After issuing Safaricom a Long Term Evolution (LTE) license to roll out 4G services, Kenya's industry regulator Communication Communication of Kenya has ruled out issuing new LTE licenses until after June 2015.

With digital migration and freeing up of analogue TV frequencies, it is expected that these will be available for LTE.

But CAK Director General Francis Wangusi, now says until after the World Radiocommunication Conference which will determine the optimal allocation of these frequencies no new licenses will be issued.

The WRC to be held in November 2015.

According to Wangusi, the meeting will determine whether to issue 2x45 MHz or 2x20Mhz licenses.

If it issues 2x45MHz, it will only be able to license two players, in addition to the Safaricom license, Wangusi said.

For 2x20Mhz, CAK will be able to issue licenses to about 6 players.

However, devices on the 2x45Mhz end up being cheaper than on the alternative.

Safaricom has said it expects to see a sub-$100 LTE smartphone in the Kenyan market by February 2015.

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