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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Pay TV Startimes, earlier this week went off air in some cases for a day and a half on what company representatives said was occasioned by satellite problems.

The issue was most amplified in South Africa where subscribers said they couldn't reach the company's customer service by phone or email.

Among the countries that were affected include SA, Malawi, Kenya and Nigeria.

Startimes spokesperson in SA Eddie Mbalo said a technical glitch connecting a satellite uplink station in Slovenia caused the problem.

"The distance between the head office in Johannesburg and the location of the fault meant it took some tiome for the problem to be resolved," Mbalo told Techcentral.

Startimes Kenya PRO Alex Mwaura when contacted said the only issues he was aware of involved wrong installation of TV aerials.

Startimes has been having problems in the South African market where it recently lost a battle to carry hardcore porn channels.

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