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Saturday, July 11, 2015


A bid to bring down local website Kahawa Tungu using an Italian firm named the Hacking Team failed when the Hackers told the government official behind the scheme that they did not offer such services.

New documents released through Wikileaks detail emails between alleged Kenya government staff and global surveillance software seller Hacking Team.

In the email exchanges that also include a Kenyan private firm purportedly acting for the government officer, the Hacking Team is asked to bring down local website Kahawa Tungu, ran by controversial blogger Robert Alai, as proof of its capabilities.

However, in response, the Hacking Team says the site in question appears to be a news site that reports on government corruption and says it should not be involved.

At that point, the contact person at the Italian firm tells the Kenyan team that perhaps it misunderstood the sort of professional services on offer and asks them to read an attached document as proof of concept.

Contact seems to have been initiated by a Chris Kinyanjui said to work with Com 21, a local IT firm who introduced his client as one Eric Mwangi of the Cyber security department at the OP.

The link to the Wikileak site is here

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