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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


As Leicester City roll towards an improbable premier league triumph at the King Power Stadium, DSTV has bucked the trend set by other global sports channels like Sky and BT Sports to keep subscription prices unchanged. 

Sky Sports, BT Sports, Virgin Media among others have raised their subscription rates to cover for the new record TV deal with the English Premier League.

The company has announced it will not be raising its prices instead choosing to absorb the increase.

Sky Sports for instance, raised its prices to reflect the higher cost of televising 116 games between 2016 and 2019.

BT Sports also raised prices for the 42 games it will show.

Supersport, the DSTV sports offering, shows all 308 EPL games, by far the most of any outlet globally. 

"We’ve decided to absorb some of the pain and NOT impose a price increase on any of our DStv bouquets in April as we usually do. Barring any further external economic shocks, we do not anticipate a price increase in 2016," Walingo Chiruyi, the Multichoice Kenya general manager said.

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