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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I first heard it from the inside, that as jostling and positioning continues within the Zain fraternity following the acquisition of the African operations by Bharti Airtel, one fellow who would probably emerge in a stronger position would be Michael Okwiri, currently in charge of communications, Zain-Kenya office.

"This guy went to school in India, that's the first thing," the Zain employee said. "Secondly, he knows how to read a script, if you don't surprise him and tell him these are the questions that will be asked, he will shine."

Ostensibly, Okwiri knows how to make a presentation and without getting into Ervin Goffman's analysis of "Presentation of the Self" suffice it to say that he has impressed the new big cajunas at Parkside to warrant a promotion.

Nairobitech has learnt that Okwiri will now go to head Zain Africa Communications Office putting him in charge of communications in 15 African countries.

Not bad brother. One person who might be left feeling lonely is Rene Meza. These two were thick as thieves and practically ran Zain Kenya together.

As for Meza, let us hope he learns from his sidekick and makes all the right noises to keep his seat.

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