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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


KTN is reportedly looking to quit the triad of media owners who have delayed digital migration with litigation in court over the last year or so which has included Royal Media Group, Nation Media Group and the Standard Group.

The group under an alliance known as Africa Digital Network plans to roll out a signal distribution network of its own and introduce its own set top boxes.

A story carried out in the Daily Nation today said 150,000 such boxes with free to view channels will be sold in the country in the next three weeks.

It is not quite clear what the offering on those boxes will be but the DN story said they will retail at Sh2,500 one time fee.

But since the beginning of the year, there has been talk that KTN (Standard Group) was looking to quit the group and either join KISS TV on Bamba TV tier 2 network or allow itself to continue to be accessible from the platforms already available in the country, Signet (GOTV) and PANG (Startimes) as well as Bamba and other free to air STBs.

No one is confirming but the reports indicate that the capital outlay plus the uncertain future for the ADN grouping may have caused KTN to develop cold feet.

Besides rolling out a digital signal distribution network, the consortium also has to source content and market itself vigorously in face of determined rivals who have sunk billions into the digital migration effort.

We will watch closely.

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