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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Unconfirmed rumours indicate that Vodafone may have identified the person it wants to succeed Bob Collymore as the next CEO of Safaricom when the incumbent's contract runs out in 2017.

These are still as yet highly speculative rumours but the personality in question is said to be involved in Vodafone Middle East operations.

It is hard to pin down an individual but Nairobitech will seek to get more information over the coming days but it is instructive that Serpil Timuray, the lady who heads the Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific region of Vodafone as CEO also sits on Safaricom's board.

Anyone coming from the Middle East operations is likely to be someone who has been reporting to her.

Former CEO Michael Joseph who also sits on the board is said to be the other influential voice in the room.

We will keep tabs on the issue in the coming days.

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