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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Listed Telco Safaricom will move its headquarters to newly-inaugurated Garden City Mall in the next two years, sources indicate.

The new headquarters will be located in the second phase of the Garden City project which has now acquired 15 more acres from EABL for the purpose.

Safaricom is set to build a 5-acre campus on this land where it will move its HQs and business units.

Campus is a popular term for tech company headquarters in Silicon Valley, California including the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California, Google Campus, Santa Clara, Oracle in Redwood and so on.

Detailed designs of the project are yet to surface but given Safaricom's strong Free Cash Flow position and the fact that it is only this year it expects to take a Sh5billion hit for the cost of rolling out the National Police Network, it will certainly be in position to finance this project.

Apple Campus entrance in Cupertino, California

Facebook HQ entrance

Google Campus entrance

Google Campus

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