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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It is emerging that striking media houses do not know when they will be back on air.

"It could be one day, it could be two days, it could be a week, a month..." Sam Shollei, CEO of Standard Group told his KTN staff on Monday.

Anxiety has been high at the TV station in wake of the abrupt switch off from analogue transmission.

KTN along with NTV and Citizen TV made the decision to pull their content off all platforms including those they had commercial agreements with like DStv.

Staff have been left in limbo wondering if their jobs are done.

In particular, commercial division sales staff who depend on selling TV slots for their commissions are in panic.

Shollei sought to reassure the staff that everything was being done to remedy the situation.

He told Managing Editor Joe Ageyo to use the time off air to think of what content they will use to fill the three TV stations they will have.

Shollei pleaded with his staff not to move to K24 or KBC in the meantime as the only Free to Air stations start circling for ripe talent from striking stations.

A key risk to remaining off air is the migration of talent and content to other outlets that are already showing.

Other staff might decide to go into their own productions while advertisers may opt to demand for hard numbers before committing advertising dollars to the stations given that they will be lacking from two of the biggest platforms.

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