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Monday, March 2, 2015


The ADN consortium of NTV, Citizen TV and KTN cannot broadcast in Nairobi any longer after the Nairobi analogue frequencies were withdrawn yesterday.

For them to broadcast in Nairobi, they can only do it months from now once they can get their infrastructure and licensing taken care of or join the existing digital platforms of SIGNET (GOtv) or PANG (Startimes).

The frequencies they have been using will now likely be redistributed on a need basis to those who apply.

The withdrawal came against the backdrop of a visit to Kenya by the Aga Khan, the controlling owner of the Nation Media Group to the country during which he met Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The visit to State House by the Aga Khan prompted rumours that NMG would be bringing its two TV stations, NTV and QTV back on the air through the existing platforms after State House refused to budge on the digital migration matter.

This has however not been confirmed.

It is notable however that the Aga Khan has never unnecessarily tangled with the government of the day and his visit to State House is seen more in business rather than political terms.

The monumental folly of the three media houses is becoming clearer by the day as the advantage they have enjoyed begins to look fleeting.

Some of the local content they have been protecting such as locally produced shows are now said to be seeking suitors elsewhere.

It is an unconfirmed rumour that ratings-buster Churchill Live could soon move to K24.

Other big shows that depend on sponsors such as JKL, The Property Show among others may soon be looking to move where they can continue to reach audiences.

In the meantime, Ebru TV is fast coming up exposing the weak underbelly of the three media houses, that a news gathering and production team can be put up quickly and hit the ground running by merely poaching existing talent away from the three media houses.

That is how they themselves operate, occasionally raiding each other for talent.

Others may borrow a leaf and see entire newsrooms shipped to newcomers.

After all, it takes only Sh200,000 to get a TV license on digital with proof of content.

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