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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Nation Media Group Linus Gitahi called a meeting of staff at the Group's corporate headquarters earlier today and informed them that NTV and QTV would be back on air on Thursday at 6:50 PM on all digital platforms.

This marks a watershed moment as the long-drawn out battle between three media houses, NMG, Royal Media and Standard Group and the Communications Authority of Kenya comes to an end.

The three have resisted migrating their broadcasts onto the available digital media platforms SIGNET and PANG as well as DStv demanding to distribute their own digital signals.

It is emerging however that the visiting leader of Ishmaili Muslims, HH the Aga Khan, who also controls NMG through his holding companies was not happy with the continued stand off and demanded an end to the garrulous defiance of court orders and regulatory notices by NTB.

The loss of revenue was also starting to tell although for NMG, the Newspaper division remains the undisputed king grossing ten times the other divisions.

In 2013 for example, while Newspapers and Magazines made sales of Sh11.3billion, broadcasting including TV and Radio did just about Sh2billion.

The Gross Profit for Print was Sh3.4bn against just Sh215million for broadcast over the same period.

Commercial guys were also beginning to complain about the loss of audience and likely ramifications for revenues going forward.

Word is that KTN and Citizen might also be back on air at the same time perhaps suggesting time was taken for the three to consult earlier today before making the announcement.

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