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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


If you don't know why KCB keeps talking about its new core banking system T24 that it has deployed across its 212 branches in the region, picture this.

Before, you could go to your ATM withdraw all the cash there, then walk into the banking hall and do the same all over again and walk out with double the green you had in your account.

Reason? The bank has been running a separate ATM system from the one running inside the banks.

In fact, the banking platform KCB was using was so inadequate that it could serve a maximum of 99 branches. This means, the additional 100 plus branches had to be connected to these others as some sort of extension office.

To run an ATM system, the bank now had to get a separate platform from the already overstretched banking system and this created the gigantic loophole that I mentioned above.

Reconciliation was not instant. Therefore, transactions on the ATM network would not automatically reflect on the main banking system meaning even if you had cleared your account, you could walk into the banking hall and do an over-the-counter withdrawal without the bank suspecting.

Truth would dawn on them much later.

The versatile T24 system solves that and ensures the bank is on top of every transaction carried out within its system.

It also means you do not have to be attached to one branch, any of the 212 branches of KCB that you walk into, be it Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Zanzibar etc, will act like your local branch.

The bank is now installing new intelligent ATMs and upgrading from KCB Quickserve to Visa Electron.



  1. even barclays upgrading their system in july 2010

  2. Yeah Banks. They are installing a system called FlexCube.