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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Joel Tanui, the former Telkom Kenya man, now GM, TEAMS (East Africa Marine Systems) is confident. By 7AM Saturday, the cable will be up and running. A scheduled maintenance will see the cable down for 12 hours at the most, the GM says. Work begins Friday 6, 2012 at 10PM.

"We are doing some maintenance work at the docking station," Tanui said.

The docking station is where the 4500KM cable from Fujairah, Dubai, terminates in Mombasa and capacity is then availed to operators who have leased or purchased it.

Incidentally, the TEAMS docking station is in the same premises, separated by steel doors on a corridor, with that of the East Africa Submarine System (EASSy) cable ran by the Western Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC).

No word from the players as to whether they will seek to shift over.

Jonathan Somen of AccessKenya is however confident he can carry all his traffic on the capacity he leases on Seacom, the Aga Khan/Cyril Ramaphosa backed cable.

Safaricom on the other hand says it might be affected with some customers experiencing slow or degraded speeds.

TKL said they will assess the likely effect.

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