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Sunday, December 2, 2012



DsTV and satellite services provider Eutelsat have announced the winners of the DsTV Eutelsat competition which featured students from across Africa with East Africa emerging the big winners.

Anthony Oyom of Uganda scooped best prize for his essay "A watchful eye from above the heaves" which could be both brilliant but also spooky (Big brother is watching) while Kenyan school girl Eva Chemgorem's poster with the more reassuring title, "Africa United through satellites" emerged top.

The students will get an opportunity to travel to France early next year and will also receive other prizes in country such as laptops and decoders.

Eutelsat operates several satellites across Europe, Middle East and Africa including Satellite 16A which covers sub-Saharan Africa.

DsTV with its 6million subscribers on the continent uses these satellites hence the competition's partnership.

DsTV and its new stablemate, digital terrestrial service GoTV are the twin prongs, the Naspers-owned Multichoice with its two content arms, MNET and Super Sport intend to use to extend dominance on the continent.

Chinese Star Times is also investing billions of shillings in a DVB-T2 network to get a slice of the estimated 4million TV market in Kenya.

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