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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


The three media houses at the heart of the long-drawn out digital migration duel with the industry regulator will not be able to air anti-GOtv and Startimes adverts until a ruling is made in two months time.

The ad which claimed that the GOtv and Startimes platforms were carrying the media houses' signals illegally and warned customers against buying the accused companies' decoders was the catalyst for drastic action by the regulator to clamp down on the stations.

With their eyes set on the alleged 80/90 per cent TV advertising revenue they control, the three media houses seem to have taken the view that they are better off distributing their own signals and keeping the advertising cash.

But being Free to Air, licensees, they are supposed to be available on all existing platforms.

Furthermore, they have not yet put up the infrastructure which they would use to distribute their signal.

The three look set to open a battlefront to withhold their signals from the existing digital distribution platforms particularly once they put up the infrastructure in Nairobi meaning more court cases lie ahead.

Particularly so, where SK Macharia is involved.

The notorioiusly litigious Royal Media boss has had some of the longest running cases in Kenyan courts.

In 2014, the Supreme Court ended a 34-year old court battle between SK Macharia's former toilet making company, Madhupaper International and KCB that had dragged on since 1981.

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