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Friday, January 15, 2016


KDF jets have been bombing the El Adde, Gedo region where attackers calling themselves AlShabab, stormed a military base leaving an unknown number of casualties.

El Adde is occupied by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) serving under AMISOM.

Quoted sources said, the offensive started with a suicide bomber exploding in a car at the entrance to the base. Following the explosion, heavy fire started and the extremists stormed the base.

The attackers said they made away with military equipment, vehicles, artillery and other supplies. Villagers reportedly also looted the base.

Residents of Wajir first reported hearing low flying jets in the area before it became apparent that it was KDF planes gearing for the counter-assault in the region.

Kenya uses the Northrop F5/Freedom Fighter jets such as the one pictured.

Somali journalist Tuuraye who covers AlShabab tweeted that the attack was carried out by the so-called Saleh Nabhan brigade. The group is said to be named after a Kenyan terrorist killed in Somalia in 2009 by the US.

KDF in its official release to newsrooms said casualties were yet to be known.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta confirmed the attacks and vowed the casualties suffered would not be in vain.

Kenyans with relatives serving in the war torn country are still trying to get through to them to establish their safety.

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