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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Phonebook App, Truecaller, will now display the names and photos of people who call you even if they are not on your phonebook.

Known as Smart History, once an unknown number calls you, Truecaller will then replace it with a name and a picture of the phone owner.

The San Francisco-based company says keeping a list of contacts on your phone will no longer be necessary as it will serve as your phonebook.

All unknown numbers in your call history will be replaced with a name and a picture.

The feature begins rolling out tonight on Android phones, and will be available to other platforms over the coming weeks.

Truecaller works by using crowd sourced data. The millions of users that have downloaded accept in their terms of use to give the App access to their contacts.

Truecaller uploads these contacts along with the names and then uses its algorithms to sort and match them against data it has uploaded from other users. After making sure it has no duplicates, it then makes this info available to other users.

So even if you do not download the App, your name and contact could end up on its database having been uploaded from a person who has saved your contact on their phone and subsequently subscribed to Truecaller.


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