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Saturday, January 17, 2015


"We did not buy GOtv to watch your boring channels" KOT

Kenyans on Twitter reacted negatively to an advertisement by the three media houses fighting digital migration, NTV, Citizen and KTN with many saying they would go ahead and buy pay-TV set top boxes.

In the ad that aired on their respective TV stations, the media owners cautioned Kenyans against buying GOTV and Startimes decoders and asked them to wait for decoders that their consortium is importing.

Not only is this inaccurate but it is also tantamount to slander by suggesting that a legitimately licensed business that has invested millions of dollars into the country is somehow fleecing consumers.

Businessmen who have purchased the GOtv set top boxes complained that the advert would hurt their business and termed it illegal.


Dear Gogetter be advised that content airred of GOtv platform is legal and legitimate. - the official GOtv twitter handle wrote.

" What's the point of having 2 decoders and why wait until these time to tell Kenyans not to buy star times and gotv decorders?" BasilShuiki posed on Twitter.

"@KTNKenya @ntvkenya @citizentvkenyaYou can't force us to buy your decorders."  @KaruguMureithi

"Very selfish of them "@Moseax:#BuyersBeware Citizen tv, Ntv, ktn & Qtv will not be showing on startimes and Gotv digital boxes!?" @Nifabulaz added also on Twitter.

"What the hell with KTN , NTV , QTV & Citizen. We are not duped purchasing Gotv n Startimes setbox, u dragged your feet on digital migration." "Josphatkaranaj1 wrote in dismissal.

Set top box vendors who have also invested in buying the decoders were also fuming.

"@RobertAlai so sad!! Am a Gotv Vendor with 150 decoders on stock, and then this happens. Its illegal," @SyokiKagz said.

Some contributors used flowery language to dismiss the advert.

"@KTNKenya @ntvkenya @citizentvkenyayou mofos think we bought GoTv to watch ur boring channels..... Football," "Christian_Splif wrote.

"@ntvkenya I will continue with Gotv, stay with your local channels full of Soap Operas and useless politics. With gotv I watch quality shows" "Fredengosia wrote.

"Height of hypocrisy: @KTNKenya , @citizentvkenya , @ntvkenya ~they refused digital migration~ now they r forcing us to buy their decoders..." @GGpeterAtom wrote.
GOtv in a statement issued to newsrooms refuted the claims of the advert and termed it contemptuous of a Supreme Court ruling.

It promised to take the media owners to court to seek redress.

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