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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Lawyer Paul Muite has said a consortium of three media houses need 4 months to bring in and set up digital transmission infrastructure and set top boxes.

By then, the global deadline for migration will be here...June 17.

Muite stated this at the Supreme Court in front a seven man bench that convened a status conference to assess compliance with orders it has issued late last year.

If true, the statement casts serious doubts on the claims by the three that they had invested Sh40billion or thereabouts on digital migration.

The contradictions continued with Muite claiming that a move by the Communications Authority to repossess frequencies granted to the consortium for digital signal distribution would undermine their efforts to set up as the transmission equipment needed to be synochronised with those frequencies when ordering.

This would seem to suggest the three have not even ordered the equipment unless counsel was being dramatic.

The consortium has continuously lost ground in the argument against digital migration proceeding with the latest setback being the move by CAK to finally crack the whip.

They have repeatedly dragged on the process when they could have used the time to bring in the equipment instead of fighting it in court.

A recent move to bring CAK, Startimes and Media Editor;s Guild members to debate the issue saw CAK boss Francis Wangusi emerge with flying colours as he met every argument raised by the media side with facts.

As he pointed out, even when the three were given the opportunity to bid for a BSD license, they could not even put up a bid bond and their tender proposal.

The case will be heard next week as yesterday's was only a status conference on the directive issued by the same court last year.

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