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Thursday, January 15, 2015


IT services firm IBM has moved personnel into Jogoo House where it will analyze data and images collected by Safaricom's Police network which is set to be completed in May.

The global giant is expected to carry out analytics as Safaricom's mandate is to merely build the network to collect surveillance data and communicate within the network.

Financial details of the IBM contract have not been made public but it is likely to be a lucrative one.

However, just like Safaricom, it could be structured favourably for government given that IBM has been trying to get into the business of smart management of urban systems in Kenya such as traffic lights and cameras, transport systems and so on.

With the Police network using thousands of cameras to collect data, and the news that even malls such as TRM, Junction and others will be able to connect to the network to feed images into the system, IBM will have an unprecedented access to a wealth of data that can be interpreted in many different ways and yield untold commercial value.

The entry of IBM will allay fears over whether the Sh15billion (US$163million) government investment will be put to good use given that some services such as CID have been given sophisticated equipment they hardly make use of.

With the IT giant running back office systems, the level of intelligence analysis will greatly improve.

IBM East Africa head Nick Nesbitt was scheduled to meet with the Internal Security bosses this week to discuss further.

IBM is increasingly getting business in the manages MPESA service, and has contracts with banks, telcos and others.


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