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Monday, June 22, 2015


Airtel Group is set to change addresses from its Parkside Towers offices on Mombasa Road to the newly-built Oval in Westlands.

Kenya is the headquarters for the group operations in Africa. A big "To Let" billboard has already been put up outside the Towers.

The move affects Group not the Airtel Kenya team which will remain on Mombasa Road.

However, it will be a much trimmed workforce that will move to the Oval as the carrier which is struggling with tight budgets and reducing market share in many African countries looks to cut on costs.

Tension is said to be high at Parkside as the final list of those being sent home is polished. A large contingent of Indian staff is said to be heading home.

Insiders say a number of management level staff have already left with the shake up expected to continue.

Airtel reports about 80 million mobile subscribers on the continent but has seen its market share in countries like Zambia, Nigeria and other countries shrink.

In Kenya, the company has about 5 million customers with an additional number gained from the purchase of yuMobile customers.

The Oval, says property manager Knight Frank, has three floors of retail space and 5 floors of office space.

Retail space has been taken up by brands like Artcaffe, Big Square, The Ocean Basket and so on.

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