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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Defiant top managers at the Communications Authority who had gone to court after being asked to reapply for their jobs now have no option after the Director-General Francis Wangusi, himself underwent the same process of reapplying for his job and getting confirmation by the board.

Wangusi is now expected to clean house and put in place a rigorously vetted management team to help him run the industry regulator for the next four years.

All top managers are now expected to face fierce competition from within the CA and from outside for the various positions they hold once they are advertised.

Wangusi himself fended off 29 applicants to emerge top and receive a fresh four year term at the helm of the CA.

The DG made his mark late last year when he took a tough uncompromising stand with litigious media owners who had opposed the digital TV migration process.

After enduring repeated court suits all the way to the Supreme Court, Wangusi finally had enough when the media owners started running negative ads against GOTV and Startimes.

He emerged from that fight the decisive and unapologetic winner.

Attention will now turn to the telecoms industry where Wangusi had fired a warning shot about industry practices, anti-competitive practices among others.

Safaricom in particular, being the market leader will be wary of Wangusi's next steps.

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