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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda are the only three African countries that will join other nations globally to meet the digital migration deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union for today midnight.

Kenya's feat is especially impressive given the long-drawn out court battles that have delayed the process and the near record time it has taken to migrate the entire country.

Rwanda has only one FTA channel, compared to 35 plus in Kenya hence was easier to migrate while Tanzania started the process before Kenya.

Digital content carriers Multichoice's GOTV and Startimes have upped the ante in the competition for subscribers in what has become a key battleground on the continent.

To demonstrate what is at stake, both companies were to put up multi-million shilling headquarters to run operations in the region here in Nairobi.

Startimes plans ran into headwinds owing to zoning laws in Karen where it had hoped to put up its premises. It has now shifted its target date to end of next year.

Meanwhile, Multichoice is putting up its complex on Oloitoktok Road near Methodist Guest House with columns for the expected office campus already coming up.

The next phase of the battle will now move to content.

Multichoice is expected to call on its two content development arms, MNET and SuperSport to enrich its offering.

Safaricom and Zuku will also compete on streaming services.

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